There’s a Pin for That


When I first drafted my author bio, I referenced my love of the South, my longing for a farmhouse (complete with goats), and my mild addiction to Pinterest. Lately, I’ve been so busy writing (and day-jobbing) that I’ve hardly had time for Pinterest, much less goats. I’ve decided this needs to be rectified, stat.

Sure, Pinterest has the potential to create unrealistic expectations of awesomeness. But it’s also full of fun ideas, delicious things, and hot lesbians. (I only discovered the latter recently.)

I also use it for book research. Character ideas, professions, places, rooms, outfits–you name it. It’s a great way to be on Pinterest and tell yourself that you’re “working.”

Do you Pinterest? If you do, I’d love to follow you! Let me know who you are (or follow me and I’ll follow you back).

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