Winner winner, chicken dinner

Confession: I’ve never been obsessed with winning. It might be that, as the chubby and awkward girl, I was often picked last for sporty type things. It might be because, even when I made the softball team in high school, we didn’t win a single game all season. Truly, with the exception of Jeopardy and Scrabble, I’m not competitive about much of anything.

Still. It’s fun to win. Yelling bingo at the American Legion when you take your mama out on a Friday night. Knowing the answer to final Jeopardy when your partner doesn’t, especially when she’s kicked your ass all night.

In that spirit, then, I shall give you the fun and fluffy blog post I promised, complete with your very own chance to win. First: a semi-absurd work story. Second: a book giveaway.

First, the work story. As many of you know, I work in higher ed. I’m an assistant dean in a business school. As such, I’m on lots of committees. Shortly after taking on the chair role on one of these committees, I successfully navigated a policy change despite opposition from a particularly obstructionist administrator. I was so impressed with myself, I arrived at our next meeting and opened with my (albeit very bad) rendition of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” While thrilled with the result, my colleagues did not appreciate the pop culture reference. My attempt at being a badass was decidedly not a win.

If you ever need a chuckle, imagine me attempting to sing this to a bunch of white people in their fifties.

You’re welcome.

Now for the winning! The release of Built to Last is less than a week away (at least it is if you’re buying it from the BSB store, which you totally should). I’m giving away two copies–one ebook and one signed paperback. Want to win? Leave a comment here with your favorite win (or most hilarious fail). Enter by noon EST on April 4 (my birthday!) and I’ll pick two winners at random. Feel free to include a link to your own epic winning soundtrack!

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11 thoughts on “Winner winner, chicken dinner

  1. beachwench says:

    My job in public safety has had many wins, like the time I used my resources in the dispatch center to help officers locate a suspect involved in flashing himself at women. Or when I heard a reported stucture fire in a neighboring town and started a response from my town before being asked due to the location and weather conditions, helping get additional equipment and firefighters to the scene in a quicker response.

  2. Dian says:

    I won a savings bond for just being born…instead of having a New Year’s baby contest in 1964, the hospital I was born in had a Leap Year baby contest. I was born first on Leap Year in 1964 at that hospital with a boy coming in 30 seconds behind me…but the docs wrote the same time, 1:33 a.m., on our birth certificates. So they had a drawing and he and his family won all the baby stuff (diapers, formula etc.) and I won a savings bond. I bought my first bicycle with it 12 years later.

  3. Courtnie Nicole says:

    Once I went into Hot Topic to buy something for my girlfriend. Unfortunately her ex happens to be the manager… Hoping she didn’t know who I was I walked in asked her to get the septum piercings for my lady. She got them and proceeded to the check out. Once we got there I handed her my card and she asked to see my ID. When I went to hand her my ID, I handed her my girlfriends ID instead on accident… Well I guess she knows who I am now 🙂 hahaha

  4. Sarah Kerry says:

    Great story Aurora, thanks for the giggle. Congrats on the release of your 2nd book. Looking forward to the third. 😉

    My greatest win…I won a book via a fb post 😀 then that author went on to collect a collection of bòoks from all different authors with BSB and send them to me (after hearing that I am disabled and housebound, so read EVERY day. That made me cry the day I got a box with approx 30 books…most of them signed by authors. That isn’t the best part though…I then thanked all the authors through fb private messages (or email) with many of them adding me as friends. That led to me meeting a lady on fb (she is now an awesome friend) who is a BSB proof reader.
    I had seen a post from Radclyffe about becoming a proof reader and applied, BUT sent it to the wrong email address (DUH) and so by the time I sent it to the correct email address, a few days later, they had recieved a LOT of emails and so I was added to a waiting list. However after a month of being friends with this proof reader, and her knowing I had applied to become a proofer, she surprised me by telling me she had told the editor in charge of proofers about me. A few days later I recieved an email and a test book to see if I was an appropriate proofer for the team. I WAS….to my great surprise 😀because of my self confidence I was convinced I wouldn’t be accepted.
    I have now been proofing for 1yr (this month) and LOVE it. It has given me something to look forward to. I was told I wouldn’t be able to work again as I never know from one day to the next if I would be able to even stay awake for more than 18-20hrs…or would be in too much pain to even turn over in bed. So this made not just my day but my LIFE!!!
    Last week I was also accepted to become a first-listen proofer for audiobooks…which I can do on days I am too ill to hold a book/phone/kindle.
    I am SO grateful to the original author who sent me her book, to every author who then included there book in the care package from that author, and my proofer friend. It has led me to meet MANY awesome authors both in person (UK BSB book fest) and on fb. It has also given me something to look forward to.

    I am THANKFUL to every Lesbian author/ lesfic writer out there. Without you and the books you put out there, knowing people might tear them apart (there are always miserable sods out there). Luckily most people appriciate the work gone into the books. I am just grateful for the amount of lesfic out there…reading or listening to a book a day I get through them pretty fast. Im grateful there are so many good books out there. Reading SAVED my life about 8yrs ago after I became disabled and due to depression took an overdose (which luckily failed) due to pain and tiredness etc. The therapist I saw recommended reading as a distraction. After finding a lesfic book (having no idea there were any out there) my life changed. They kept me entertained and actually kept me distracted from my life and the pain…well the morphine helps haha. Each GOOD book that sucks me in, takes me away from my life for a while. I had NO IDEA, this would all lead to me doing the job (even though voluntary) that I love just as much as working in childcare, which I used to do before coming ill.

    Wow that was a LONG story. I guess my biggest fail (overdose) and biggest win (becoming a proofer) are both in that story. Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1 deal. Haha.

    I would love to be entered to win a signed copy of this book. But I’ve already have this ebook, so If I win that, please draw another name. BTW…this book is AWESOME and one I will and already have read over and over.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I manage live theater. I consider it a win whenever I am able to make someone, especially children, happy they left their couch to see a show or concert.
    On a more domestic note, I can fix a faucet and my brothers can’t.

  6. Barbara says:

    My biggest fail, I stepped on a rake and it smacked me right between the eyes. To make matters worse as I was cussing myself out I moved the rake out of the way and yep, I stepped on it again. Wham.

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