All My Selves

I had a conversation recently with a fellow author about keeping track of all the versions of ourselves floating around. Specifically, we were talking about pen names and social media and the like. It got me thinking, though about all the different identities we put out into the world.

Even without different names, there can be a lot to keep track of. There’s day-job me, the dean, who maneuvers in a business school with disconcerting ease. There’s the writer, who feels the most like the most authentic version of me. There’s belly dancer me, who hasn’t been around for the last couple of years. I sort of miss her. There’s small-business-owner me, who does crazy things with cake. There’s even blogger me, an attempt to have the writer and the baker mes get along.

It’s the last I’ve been thinking about most. After going apple picking yesterday, I settled in to make the requisite apple crisp. Because there are so many recipes and it’s easy to lose track, I went to an old blog post to find one I know I like. It made me think that, with all the writing I’m doing, it should be pretty easy to squeeze in a post now and then about baked goods. Food is pretty prevalent in all of my writing, anyway.

If you enjoy ramblings about flour, sugar, and butter, feel free to visit. There’s no reason we can’t all get along.

The Literate Baker
(One of) The Literate Baker’s (numerous) takes on Apple Crisp